Mary Anne David Rehearsal Suite


Seats : 20 pax

Space : 276 Sqft

Utility : Soundproofed, Acoustically treated, Air Conditioned

Information : 0112552666

The Mary Anne David Rehearsal suite is a space that covers over a 182 square feet at the Sooriya Village. Equipped with Yamaha merchandise, the space is able to create an environment that facilitates great practice experiences through its superior products . Soundproof suites allow privacy that help disconnect you from the outside world creating ambience within its walls.


Mary Anne David, a versatile vocal trainer, who has serviced the Sri Lankan music scene for over 47 years is considered the best at what she does. Her knowledge in various genres of music like Broadway, Opera, Lieder and  Oriental music has assisted many musicians today and in eras before. David has worked with many musicians, such as Bathiya and Santhush, Ashanthi,  Drummer Christopher Prince, Soundarie David ( who went on to teach what she was taught) , Gamini Fonseka and many more. The Mary Anne David Rehearsal suites is a token of appreciation to all that she has bestowed upon the music industry in Sri Lanka.