The Mervin Rodrigo Recording Studio


Seats : 12 pax

Space : 318 Sqft

Utility : Soundproofed, Acoustically treated, Air Conditioned.

Reservations : 011 2552666

Charges : Rs. 3000 per hour for Recording
                  Rs. 1500 per hour for Rehearsals
                  Rs. 4000 per hour for Video Shoot

Instrument List:
Yamaha G3 Baby Grand Piano
Yamaha Motif XF8
Mapex Armory Drum Set with Sabian XSR Cymbals
VOX VT40x Guitar Amplifier
Yamaha RGX 121Z Electric Guitar
Yamaha APX 500 Acoustic Guitar
Novation Launchkey 49

Microphone List:

AKG C414xl
Cascade Fathead Matched Stereo Pair
Aston Origin Pair
AKG C451 Matched Stereo Pair
AKG C314 Pair
AKG C3000 Stereo Pair
Beyerdynamic Drum Microphone Kit
AKGD112 (available on request)
Sennheiser E906 (available on request)
Sennheiser E935
Sennheiser E835
Shure SM58
Shure SM57

Equipment List:
Protools HD 12.5
Logic Pro X
Mac Pro Cylinder with 3.7 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Zeon E5 Processor
Antelope Goliath Professional Thunderbolt/USB/MADI Audio Interface
Audient ASP800 8 Channel Microphone Pre Amplifier
PreSonus HP60 Headphone Amplifier
Avid Technology Artist Mix – Touch-Sensetiv Fader Control Surface
Focal Alpha 80 Powered Studio Monitors
Radial JDI Stereo
Radial J48
Radial JDI
Synergistic Research MiG 2.0
Launch Pad Mini
Launch Control XL
Focal Spirit Professional Headphone
Audio Technica ATH-M50X Headphones
Aspen Pitman Pop Filters

The Mervin Rodrigo recording studio is a workshop for precise audio recording, comprising of state of the art equipment with brands such as antelope, cascades, focal, aston, audio technica and presonus. The addition of the well equipped studio contributes towards the overall diversity of the Sooriya Village facility making it a much more inclusive space overall.

 Mervyn began his career at Radio Ceylon much against the wishes of his parents to fulfil his childhood dream. Not only did he fulfilled his dream, he was able to reach the top spot: Sri Lanka’s number one recording engineer. Quality and perfection being his hallmarks, Mervyn was not an ordinary recording engineer, he was the backbone to the standards reached by top recording artists and film producers.

Mervyn operated at the Sarasavi Studios, Kelaniya and was the recording engineer for most of Sooriya records.

Mervyn was well-known for his ability to spot and pick false notes during the recording sessions, may it be the country’s top orchestra performing. Loved by all for being a man who always lend a helping hand. For his service The Mervin Rodrigo Recording studio is an appreciation to what he has built.