Vijaya Corea Lecture Room


Seats : 12 pax

Space : 224 Sqft

Utility : Projector  , Flip Charts, Apple iMac,

Designed to nurture all genres of arts, the Vijaya Corea lecture room is a tech-based space with a variety of accessories and software for its users. The space accommodates 12 users simultaneously providing them with their own work station equipped with an Apple iMac computer, an audio interface, midi keyboard and a variety of softwares ranging from music notation, video/photo editors, architectural/landscaping programs, graphic/fashion designer programs, etc. installed to enhance the experience of practice and knowledge accumulation.


A television and radio broadcaster, who is also included in the list of notable individuals from the island Sri Lanka. Vijaya Corea, is widely recognized as a pioneer in the introduction of Sinhala pop music at Ceylon radio and the English services. Corea played an exclusive role in spotting gifted musicians and providing them with a venue for their talents, thus opening doors for them to build their careers and livelihoods. Artists who benefited from national exposure on his radio programs, include popular names such as Clarence Wijewardena, Annesley Malawana, Indrani Perera and many others. To commemorate his services in the industry, we dedicate the Vijaya Corea Lecture room in his name as a form of gratitude.